A Story of Survival, Endurance and Continued Love

One on the Ground
is Karen Wielinski’s compelling memoir, based on her experiences resulting from the crash of Flight 3407 into her Clarence home. When her husband Doug died along with 50 passengers and crew he become identified as the “One on the Ground.”

February 12, 2009 was an ordinary evening at home for the Wielinski family of Clarence Center, New York. Karen said good night to her husband Doug as he left their family room. Minutes later her world and her home came tumbling down around her. This compelling memoir is the story of life before, during, and after an unthinkable tragedy.

About the Author: Karen Wielinski





Karen Wielinski is a freelance writer who has lived in East Aurora, New York since 2010. Along with the love of her daughters and grandchildren, her involvement in a local writing group continues to be a source of inspiration and strength to her.









 Thanks To Those Who Attend Talks and Signings

It has been such an honor to travel around Western NY and bring the story of One on the Ground to so many wonderful people.

Upcoming Events/Appearances


January 22, 2019 – 6:30pm

Sherwood Country Club
4958 W. Lake Rd., Dunkirk, NY
(for more details, CLICK HERE)

February 4, 2019 – 6:30pm

Brothers of Mercy/Montabaur Heights
4530 Random Rd., Clarence, NY
(for reservations call: 716-407-5104)

April 11, 2019 – 12pm

EA Kiwanis Luncheon
Roycroft Inn, East Aurora, NY
(Members Only)

May 8, 2019 – 5:30pm

Retired Teachers of Springville
Springville, NY
(Members Only)

May 15, 2019

Lockport Library
23 East Ave., Lockport
(Time to be advised at a later date.)

June 13, 2019

Beta Gamma (Arcade)
(Members Only)
(Time to be advised at a later date.)

August 14, 2019 – 7pm

Ellicottville Historical Society
1-2 Washington St., Ellicottville, NY 


August 23, 2019

Boston Young at Heart
(Members Only)
(Time to be advised at a later date.)


Getting the Word Out



Would you like to have Karen speak at your event or organization?

My cat, Mia wants to remind everyone, that I have plenty of books remaining!

I would love to meet more of you, so if you have an organization that would like to learn more about One on the Ground I hope to hear from you.

Please feel free to email me at kwauthor17@gmail.com





Two Days of Remembrance for the 10th Anniversary

Usually the anticipation of nearing another anniversary of the tragic crash of Flight 3407 begins around Thanksgiving. With the landmark approach of the 10th anniversary on February 12th, the event began tugging at me during the summer. Preparations had already begun for two days of remembrance.

Observing the anniversary by myself, or with family and friends is one thing, but surrounding myself with the other 3407 families and seeing their pain brings me a deeper level of grief. It will be an emotional time.

I think it is important that although we will relive that tragic night during this anniversary, we should perhaps remember instead the wonderful lives the victims of Flight 3407 lead, and continue to remember in our thoughts and prayers all those who keep them in their hearts.

Sharing My Story

A few months ago, I teamed up with Dana Marciniak of 85West Communications in an effort to better promote “One on the Ground,” She is doing a great job, along with Kimberly LaRussa of Sweet Buffalo who has recorded some video for me. Glad to have you ladies by my side, and thanks for getting the word out.

They were instrumental in connecting me with the “Love What Matters” website, and that group published a story about Doug & me. I had to condense our “love” story down to about three pages. It was a challenge, but I am getting better and better all the time with editing! You can check the article out HERE.

AM Buffalo Interview

As the anniversary approaches, I am fortunate to have had opportunities to share the “One on the Ground” story with several media outlets. I appreciate their interest in this historic event that affected so many people. Our local television affiliates plan special programs on February 12th, and I recently appeared on WKBW’s “AM Buffalo” program on January 10th.


Past Events


Lexington, Kentucky

This fall, I was able to bring the “One on the Ground” story not only to Western NY audiences, but branched out to those in Kentucky.

While visiting my daughter, Lori, in Lexington, KY, I met the ladies of the Southland Mom’s Huddle and Christ the King Mom’s Ministry. They welcomed me warmly, and there was time to just visit with them after my talk. These young women remind me so much of the mom’s group I belonged to while raising my girls in Loveland, OH. Times change, but the basic need of moms needing time with other moms remains. Thanks Lori for arranging these events.



Churchill Memorial United Methodist Church

What a turnout I had in October at the Churchill Memorial UM Church! I received so much support and love from those who attended. I had to keep going out to my vehicle to get more books. Several in the audience had ties with those lost, or connections with my friends. It is truly a small world—especially in the Buffalo area.



Burchfield Penney Art Center

It was such an honor to have an opportunity to speak at the beautiful Burchfield Penney Art Center on November 1st. I was moved to tears by the introduction I received from Wendy King. I so appreciated her heartfelt review of One on the Ground. Despite a rainy night, turnout was good, and since many had already read the book, there were great follow-up questions. It definitely was a memorable night.


Clarence Contemporary Club

It was good to return to the Clarence area to speak with the Clarence Contemporary Club at a luncheon on November 13 held at Sean Patrick’s. This organization is well known for their philanthropic contributions, and has been bringing women together for many years. I had a chance to enjoy lunch with many of the ladies, who shared their connections regarding 3407, and I also learned one surprising way I had encouraged one of their members. She recalled an article I wrote quite some time ago for the Buffalo News on train travel, which inspired her to take a trip on the Canadian Railroad system. I love hearing things like that!



Meeting Local Authors

Two events this fall enabled me to meet other local authors: Indie Day, October 13 at the downtown Central Library (shown at left), and the Buffalo Historical Museum Local Author Book signing (right) on November 24th. Does everyone realize how many authors there are in the Buffalo area? It was so rewarding to swap stories with these talented folks.



Writers Launch Event

A private “writers” launch for One on the Ground took place on February 25th 2017. What better way to celebrate publication of the book than a gathering of writers — amateur and professional — along with my Librastream publishers, Sallie and John Randolph, and designer/creative team Leslie and Jeff Taylor of Buffalo Creative Group.

Many of the attendees were either my current or past classmates from Rick Ohler’s East Aurora creative writing classes. They provided support and encouragement as the pieces of this book were read week-after-week over the last few years.

Ed Drantch and Aaron Mason from WKBW also participated in the celebration. Ed helped announce the release of One on the Ground, with his wonderful segment that aired February 10th.

Buffalo News reporter Joe Popiolkowski, who had been supportive during the Long Street Memorial dedication and the trial, also joined us.

My daughters, Kim and Jess, were also on-hand to meet these creative people in my life, as was my cousin Jan Frappier, who has become one of my staunch writing critics.

Being surrounded by those who have guided and encouraged me during this book journey was both humbling and gratifying. It was a memorable afternoon.

Rick Ohler, author, columnist & East Aurora creative writing class instructor shares a toast with Karen.

Pictured left to right: Aaron Mason, WKBW; Joe Popiolkowski, Buffalo News; Karen Wielinski and Ed Drantch, WKBW.




The Douglas C. Wielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund

Doug loved to delve into history. Collecting allowed him to preserve the past, and he always loved the opportunity to share what he learned with others. He especially enjoyed bringing history to life for high school students by sharing his Viet Nam War experiences with them.

   After the crash my daughter Lori said that since her dad had always loved history, it seemed only fitting that he was now a part of history.

The Douglas C. Wielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 to provide assistance to students who have a genuine love of history. It is my hope that profits from the sale of One On The Ground will enable more students to benefit from this fund.
If you are so inclined to help in this effort, donations can also be sent to:

The Douglas C. Wielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 241
East Aurora, NY 14052

Thank you for considering to honor Doug in this way.
~ Karen Wielinski


Scholarship News

80% of profits from the sale of One on the Ground go into the Douglas C. Wielinski Scholarship Fund. As a result of the support received from those purchasing the book, we were able to present three deserving seniors scholarships in June. For displaying a love of history, awards were given to: Clarence H.S. students, Anna Jafarjian and Andrew Kowalczyk. Anna plans to attend Binghamton University in the fall, majoring in Education, while Andrew plans on studying philosophy and political science at the University at Buffalo. It was also emotional for me to present our first scholarship to Buffalo’s Hutchinson Tech’s Samuel Alem. Doug was a graduate of Tech’s Class of 1965, where his focus was on chemistry. Samuel will continue his pursuits in the field of biochemistry at RIT. I congratulate and wish these students continued success, as they start new chapters in their lives.



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Profits benefit the Douglas C. Wielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund

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